Meet the Team

Only the best ADI's and trained up PDI's are
hired by drive53.
Our present team is expanding but we still need more ADIs to cope with our exceptionally busy schedule.
See our 'Join drive53' page if you would like to be part of our team.

David Houghton

David is the owner of Drive53 . Manual and Automatic car tutor with 10 years+ experience. 


We give Shane a very warm welcome to the fold! 
Manual Car tutor.

Nick Hawksby

Nick has been with us for 5+ years. Manual Car tutor. 

Sean Houghton

A very warm welcome to Sean who teaches Automatic Car lessons. 

Dan Houghton

A very warm welcome to Dan who recently joined us!

Jayne Rawlings

A very warm welcome to Jayne our first lady driving instructor.


A warm welcome to Rezan!


A warm welcome to Roudi!