Only £40 per week franchise fee once fully trained!
Train to instruct - very competitive training fee of only £1000

We are constantly seeking ADI's and PDI's to join our Bristol Driving School. Manual or Auromatic.

Thinking of a career or a change of job?

Want to help people learn a life skill and get paid for it?

Many people have lots of driving experience which can be used to earn a good living once they are trained how to impart their knowledge to the thousands of people who are desperate to learn to drive.

Our training fee

We offer a very competitive training fee of only £1000. This covers all your training for part1, part 2 and part 3. The only additional cost will be your test fees and licence. The £1000 fee can be paid on a 'pay as you go' basis as you receive your training. So no up front costs!
All further training after you have paid the £1000 is free if taken within 12 months of passing your part 1. If you are considering becoming a driving instructor, please call or email David to learn more about the pro's and con's. 

Our franchise fee

New ADI's and after you have completed your part 2 is only £40 per week!

Please call David to discuss. Leave a message with your name and contact number as I may be teaching or training. 07860 715195, direct dial below, or email.

Bristol is a great place to teach and you'll never be without students.